• Digital Channels

    A digital channel allows the interaction between users and systems. SNGULAR Scalable Platforms supports these interactions through web channels, single-page applications, smartphone apps, smart speakers, wearable devices, embedded systems, etc. 

  • Microservice architecture

    The key principle of microservices is simplicity, applied to both platforms and developers. Platforms become easier to deploy and evolve as they are split into a set of smaller interoperable fragments. On the other hand, this approach tackles the problem of productivity by decomposing solutions into manageable services, faster to build and deploy, while allowing teams to focus on business features.

  • API platforms & open platforms

     By making assets visible to internal and external parties, information and operations are much more accessible. That way, organizations promote the rapid development of new features, while building an ecosystem of partners, customers and users.

  • Salesforce & CRM

    Companies of all sizes use CRM software to leverage data to increase sales and customer satisfaction. A CRM enables a wide range of marketing strategies and makes upselling more effective, thus enhancing customer retention and loyalty. SNGULAR is a partner of Salesforce, the leading CRM platform.

  • E-commerce

    SNGULAR has been involved in e-commerce since the year 2000. Since then, we have built e-commerce platforms using two different approaches: either by extending and configuring standard solutions, or by developing turnkey platforms that challenge the market’s status-quo.


  • Middleware

    At the heart of interoperable architecture is a system capable of connecting its different elements. The most common challenges of middleware are: facilitating the creation and extension of connectors, allowing transparent data exchange between systems, and not penalizing the performance of interconnected systems. Today, new challenges include combining solutions in public and private clouds or integrating systems and devices. 


  • Platform integration

    •  The cornerstone of a SNGULAR Scalable Platform is its ability to integrate with the rest of an organization's systems. CRM systems for customer relationship management, ERPs for controlling and distributing company resources, provisioning platforms, booking systems, financial terminals... A platform that aspires to transform the operations of an organization should connect to all the systems. 


To build their value propositions and competitive advantages, large and medium companies around the world turn to digital technologies.

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