Scalable Platforms

New ways to scale advantage

Leadership demands constant technological innovation and adaptation, evolving new ways to serve customer’s ever-changing needs through diverse digital channels. But whether they are smartphone apps, global banking channels, massive ecommerce platforms or booking systems, these channels present similar challenges we grapple with every day.

Our scalable platforms are designed, re-designed, and developed with these challenges in mind.

The evolution challenge

Adapting to the pace of industry change, so change becomes an ally not an obstacle.

The omnichannel challenge

Remaining relevant to users, by offering experiences through the channels where they feel most comfortable.

The performance challenge

Remaining responsive to those you serve during even the heaviest traffic demands.

The quality challenge

Maintaining trust by delivering a robust, stable and reliable experience to your users.

Our Capabilities

Digital Channels

Sngular Scalable Platforms supports all interactions between users and systems, including through web channels, single-page applications, smartphone apps, smart speakers, wearable devices, embedded systems, etc.

API platforms & open platforms

Making assets visible to internal and external parties, enables information and operations to be much more accessible. This enables organizations to promote the rapid development of new features, while building an ecosystem of partners, customers, developers and users.

Microservice architecture

Microservices solutions are designed to speed up development and reduce time-to-market. These architectures are based on dividing systems into smaller elements, which interact with each other to provide the required business capabilities. This division into microservices accelerates the development of functionalities, greatly facilitating their evolution and, in combination with DevOps, enabling continuous deployment models that align the objectives of the technology and business areas.


At the heart of interoperable architecture is a system capable of connecting its different elements. The most common challenges of middleware are: facilitating the creation and extension of connectors, allowing transparent data exchange between systems, and not penalizing the performance of interconnected systems. Today, new challenges include combining solutions in public and private clouds or integrating systems and devices.

Salesforce & CRM

Sngular partners with Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, helping companies of all sizes to leverage data to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.


Sngular has been involved in e-commerce from the very start, building platforms that either extend and configure standard solutions, or developing turnkey platforms that redefine possibility in this fast-changing field.

Platform integration

Truly transforming a company’s operations depends on developing platforms that can fully integrate with the rest of an organization's systems, including Customer Relationship Management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning provisioning platforms, booking systems, or financial terminals.

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