Microservice Architecture

SNGULAR builds microservice architecture based on the distributed services that overlay our customers' core systems

Our solutions

Built on containers, they allow for the continuous deployment of complex corporate solutions while facilitating the development and innovation of an organization’s technological base.

The underlying principles shared by our architecture include:

  • Capabilities exposed as APIs and deployed in containers.

    We will create different APIs for different purposes.

  • Use of container orchestration

    Kubernetes, OpenShift.

  • Use of event/sourcing when possible


  • Channel orientation

    To respect the specific nature of each channel.

  • Platform

    Orientation to platform capabilities.

  • Vendor lock-in.

    Avoiding vendor lock-in.

  • Use of API Gateway to publish, secure, and control API calls between the different solution layers

    Use of service mesh model for internal APIs.

  • Compliance with security regulations through standards and best practices

    API access management, OAuth2, JWT, data encryption, etc.

  • Operations

    Logging, monitoring, and monetization.

  • Strategy & Stack

    Respecting corporate strategy and technology stack.

Main architecture elements

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